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WATCH: A Virtual Voyage Packed With Special Moments & Surprises!

Click play to watch Star Trek: The Cruise’s star-studded Virtual Voyage in celebration of Trek and our extraordinary cruise family.

You’ll hear what George Takei is most looking forward to onboard in 2022, the advice Connor Trinneer shared with Anthony Montgomery and John Billingsley as they gear up for their maiden voyage, plus Anthony Rapp serenading us in acapella, Kenneth Mitchell’s surprise announcement and so much more.

For those who have yet to sail on Star Trek: The Cruise, The Virtual Voyage gives you an amazing feel for the unique and exciting experiences that await you during 7 immersive days aboard our starship at sea.

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  1. Angel Lego says

    My problem is that I don’t like to dress in a costume cause I can’t afford them and my husband is not a Star Trek fan I am the only one. I have seen everyone at least a thousand times I have all the Movies to. I Tape the old shows from the 1960’s every Saturday night and watch the The next Generation and Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

    • Marg says

      We have bought Star Trek t shirts from all the shows to wear as I’m not going to do a costume either

    • Todd says

      No need to wear any costumes on STTC in order to have a blast. STTC V is my 4th one of these cruises and the closest I ever come to a costume is a Trek t-shirt and hat. It’s a blast no matter what kind of Trek fan you are.

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